Working Papers

B. Koka and A. Gopal. ““Is Your Manager Paying Attention?”: Integrating Managerial Attention, Categorization and Interruptions into Models of IT Outsourcing Performance”.

J. Mejia, A. Gopal and M. Trusov. “Deal or No Deal? Competition, Online Daily Deals and Consumer Quality Perceptions”. Best Conference Paper Finalist ICIS 2016. Best Paper in Track (Human Behavior in IS), ICIS 2016

J. Mejia, S. Mankad, and A. Gopal. “More Than Just Words: Using Latent Semantic Analysis in Online Reviews to Explain Restaurant Closures”.

B. Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal, Rajshree Agarwal and A. Gopal. “The Role of Individual and Organizational Expertise in Adoption of New Practices”.

Y. Pan, P. Huang and A. Gopal. “New Entry Threats, Firm Governance and Innovation in the US IT Industry”. Best Student Paper Finalist, TIM Division, Academy of Management Conference 2015

A. Gopal and S. Mankad. “Leveraging Electronic Word of Mouth for Development and Benchmarking of Enterprise Mobile Apps”.

A. Gopal, B. Koka and W. Rand. “Pure Versus Hybrid Strategies: Exploring the Limits of Adaptability Using an Agent-Based Model”.

J. Mejia and A. Gopal. “Now and Later? Mentorship, Investor Ties and New Venture Performance in Entrepreneurial Seed Accelerators”.

A. Gopal and N. Langer. “Signaling and Human Capital in Online Software Outsourcing Platforms”. 

Y. Qiu, A. Gopal and I. Hann. “From Invisible Hand to Visible Hand: Platform Governance and Institutional Logic in the Independent Mac Developer Community”. 

D. Lee, A. Gopal and S. Park. ““Mobile & Me”: A Randomized Field Experiment of Customer Heterogeneity and Channel Use in Recommendation Systems”.

D. Lee and A. Gopal. “Push Me to Shop: Push Notifications, Recommendation Systems, and Mobile Shopping”

J. Mejia, S. Mankad, and A. Gopal. “Watch where you Eat: Restaurant Hygiene Inspections in New York City and Moral Hazard”

Y. Pan, P. Huang, and A. Gopal. “Is Board Capital A Double-Edged Sword? The Moderating Effect of Board Capital, New Entry Threats and Firm Performance”

S. Mankad, S. Hu, and A. Gopal. “Single Stage Prediction with Online Reviews for Mobile App Development and Management”

Dongwon Lee, A. Gopal, and Dokyun Lee. “Mobile Generosity: On the Use of Mobile Devices and Monetary Subsidies in Charitable Giving”

A. Gopal and S. Mankad. “Service Quality and Benchmarking Through Online Reviews: Implications for Mobile App Development”

A. Gopal, S. Karmegham, B. Koka, and W. Rand. “Moving Up the Value Chain? An Evaluation of IT Service Providers Strategic Choices using an Agent-Based Model”

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