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Gurdip Bakshi is Dean’s Professor of Finance at Department of Finance, Smith School of Business Bakshi's research interest include stock valuation, option  valuation, term structure of interest rates, asset pricing, capital and currency markets, crashes, default risk, density approximations, aging, heterogeneity in beliefs, volatility, and international finance.

He has also examined, both empirically and theoretically, the desire to accumulate wealth: his work demonstrates that investors acquire wealth not only for its implied consumption rewards but also for its resulting social status. How demographic factors affect the stock and the bond markets interest him. In a recent publication, he makes precise the link between spanning and valuing derivative securities.

The link to his papers at Google Scholar is: Gurdip Bakshi - Google Scholar and at SSRN is SSRN Author Page for Gurdip Bakshi.

Professor Bakshi serves (or has been) on the editorial boards of Review of Financial Studies,  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Asset Pricing,  Journal of Financial Markets, Review of Derivatives Research, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Financial Econometrics, and Review of Financial Economics, and several other academic journals, and is a frequent reviewer for several finance and economics journals, and granting agencies.  He is also the co-editor of the Review of Derivatives Research.

Professor Bakshi has been appointed Fellow of the FDIC Center for Financial Research and awarded a competitive grant to study recovery under default.  He is a recent recipient of an award by the BSI GAMMA Foundation for his work on investor irrationality and the Nasdaq bubble. He was invited to be a part of the team (coordinated by Ron Masulis) that offered seminars to advanced Ph.D. students at the 2005 FMA meetings in Chicago. [Agenda].

Professor Gurdip Bakshi teaches the MBA international finance course at Maryland Business School and is a top 15%-rated teacher (invited to apply for the Krowe teaching award in 2003 and 2004), and most recently a top 15% teacher for 2006-2007. He is the recipient of Joe Wikler Award for teaching excellence in 2006.

Previously he has taught MBA investments and Options and Futures course. Gurdip Bakshi has also taught in the Smith Business MBA program to executives in Beijing, China, and in Shanghai, China.  Among other assignments, he has supervised a study trip of Smith MBA students to India and China. Currently, Professor Bakshi  has also taught Financial Management (BUSI 640 which is a core MBA class). Request the syllabus for BUFN 724 and BUSI 640 at mailto:gbakshi@rhsmith.umd.edu.

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Professor Bakshi  served as the chair of the doctoral studies committee from Fall 2005 to Fall 2007, and the chair of recruitment committee (2010-2011).  Among his various service assignments, he served on the University of Maryland Promotion and tenure committee 2007-2010. He was elected as a senator to the University of Maryland senate body and serves on summer grants committee.  Professor Bakshi is the advisor of the global equity fund.


  Ph.D. (Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992
  M.S. (Finance), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1989
  M.S. (Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1988
  B.E. (Electrical Engineering), Punjab Engineering College (India), 1985
  Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. New Delhi