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*Dr. Ibrahim was ranked in the top 15% of the Robert H Smith faculties for fall 1999 and again 2005.*

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Each year the University of Maryland honors outstanding seniors and confers on them the designation of Merrill Presidential Scholars. This year (2005), two students from the Smith School were chosen; Adam Namm and Sakisha Jackson. For the first time, both students selected the same professor (Dr. Ibrahim) as the UMCP teacher as the one that had the most positive influence on their education inside the classroom and also as a mentor of extra curriculum activities. I am honored to share with you that how they described it:

Adam Namm 
"Dr. Ibrahim excelled in his teaching inside the classroom, while also being extremely active with his students outside of the classroom. Dr. Hassan Ibrahim has been a part of many of the significant projects that I have been involved in at the University of Maryland . I am very thankful to him for all of his teachings and guidance throughout these opportunities. He is a perfect example of how teachers can positively affect their students' lives inside and outside the classroom."

Sakisha Jackson 
"At the University of Maryland , Dr. Hassan Ibrahim's down-to-earth teaching style makes his classes the most enjoyable, accessible, and applicable of any Business School classes that I have taken. Even more impressive is Dr. Ibrahim's dedication to students outside of the classroom. Dr. Ibrahim is the faculty sponsor for the Business Information Technology Society (BITS). As the president of the Smith Undergraduate Student Association, which presides over all Business School clubs, I can attest that Dr. Ibrahim is definitely one of the most involved faculty advisors, and this shows through the club's success. "