Submitted Papers

  • Buyer Intermediation in Supplier Finance (with Tunay I. Tunca). Accepted by Management Science. 
  • The Alibaba Effect: Spatial Consumption Inequality and Welfare Gains from e-Commerce (with Jingting Fan, Lixin Tang and Ben Zou), Major revision at Journal of International Economics

Working Papers

  • Empirical Analysis of Price Formation, Utilization, and Value Generation in Ride Sharing Service (with Liu Ming, Tunay I. Tunca and Yi Xu).
  • Optimal Bonus Scheme under Target Effect: Evidence from the Ride Sharing Market (with Xirong Chen, Zheng Li and Liu Ming).
  • Dynamic Pricing of the Ride Sharing Market in a Spatial Search Model (with Jingting Fan, Wenlan luo and Liu Ming).
  • The Effectiveness of Supplier Buy Back Finance: Evidence from Chinese Automotive Industry (with Tunay I. Tunca and Bin Yang).