At University of Maryland, College Park

• GMGT 818D Introduction to Accounting Research, Professor Nick Sybert

• GMGT 811 Seminar in Financial Accounting, Professor Michael Kimbrough

• GMGT 808B Seminar in Financial Accounting, Professor Rebecca Hann

• GMGT 808V Financial Accounting Theory, Professor Oliver Kim

• GMGT 818C Corporate Governance and Accounting, Professor Shijun Cheng

• GMGT 818D Seminar in Accounting Research, Professor Emanuel Zur

• GMGT 841 Corporate Finance, Professor Richmond Mathew

• GMGT 840 Asset Pricing I, Professor Albert Kyle and Yajun Wang

• Econ 603 Microeconomics Analysis I, Professor Lawrence Ausubel and Filiz Ozbay Emel

• Econ 604 Microeconomics Analysis II, Professor Daniel Vincent and Erkut Ozbay

• Econ 661 The Corporate Firm, Professor Filiz Ozbay Emel

• Econ 662 Industry Structure, Conduct, and Performance, Professor Daniel Vincent

• Econ 664 Empirical Studies in Industrial Organization I, Professor Ginger Zhe Reviews

• Econ 601 Macroeconomics Analysis I, Professor Allan Drazen and John Shea

• Econ 602 Macroeconomics Analysis II, Professor John Haltiwanger and Boragan Aruoba

• Econ 701 Advanced Macroeconomics I, Professor John Haltiwanger

• Econ 623 Microeconomics Theory I, Professor John Chao and John Rust

• Econ 624 Econometrics II, Professor John Chao and Ingmar Prucha

• Econ 626 Microeconomics Theory I, Professor Sebastian Galiani

At University of Massachusetts Amherst

• Math523 Fundamentals of Real Analysis, Professor Robin Young

• Math532 Dynamical system,  Professor Panos Kevrekidis

• Math534 Introduction to partial differential equation, Professor Panos Kevrekidis

• Math651 Numerical Analysis I,  Professor Nathaniel Whitaker

• Math652 Numerical Analysis II,  Professor Nathaniel Whitaker

• Math 691Y: Applied Mathematics Project Seminar,   Professor Qianyong Chen

• Math697 Introduction to Stochastic Process, Professor Luc Rey-Bellet

• Math623 Real Analysis, Professor Luc Rey-Bellet

• Econ700 Microeconomics Behavior, Institution and Evolution,  Professor Samuel Bowles

• Stat607 Mathematical Statistics, Professor Daeyoung Kim

• Stat 605 Probability Theory,  Professor Hongkun Zhang

• Stat 608 Mathematical Statistics,  Professor Daeyoung Kim

• Econ 701 Microeconomic Theory, Professor Donals Katzner

At University of Florida

• ACG6387 Strategic Costing, Professor Haijin Lin

• ACG6888 Fundamentals of Measurement,  Professor Haijin Lin

• ACG6136 Accounting Theory,  Professor Jennifer Wu Tucker