Research Interests:

  • Applications: (1) Supply chain scheduling (production & distribution scheduling integration, coordination between different parties of a supply chain); (2) Logistics operations management (Routing/scheduling of logistics operations, transportation systems capacity assessment); (3) Dynamic pricing (markdown pricing, robust pricing); (4) Capacity & technology planning/Equipment replacement. 
  • Methodologies: (1) Combinatorial optimization (complexity analysis, dynamic/integer programming); (2) Large-scale optimization (column generation, Benders decomposition); (3) Optimization under uncertainty (stochastic programming with recourse); (4) Heuristic analysis.

Current Research Projects:

  • "Dynamic pricing with farelock options". On pricing problems where customers have a choice of buying a "price insurance" when making a purchase (e.g. farelock options when booking an air ticket). Jointly with Ming Chen of California State University.
  • "Robust dynamic pricing". Studies dynamic pricing problems with limited demand information. Jointly with Ming Chen, Nick Hall (Ohio State Univ), Hans Kellerer (Univ of Graz, Austria).
  • "Integrated production and two-stage distribution scheduling". Motivated by practical problems from Baosteel. Jointly with Lixin Tang and Feng Li at Northeastern University, China.
  • "Coil batching to improve productivity and energy utilization in steel production", A practical problem from steel industry. Jointly with Lixin Tang and Ying Meng at Northeastern University, China, and Jiyin Liu (Loughborough Univ, UK).
  • "Integrated pricing and production scheduling decisions in a make-to-order environment", jointly with Qing Yue and Guohua Wan of Shanghai Jiaotong University. 

Past Research Projects:

  • "Integrated charge batching and cast width selection in the continuous casting operations of steel production", Jointly with Lixin Tang and Gongshu Wang.
  • Jointly with Manugistics, Inc., "Markdown Pricing at Multiple Retail Stores". Investigates joint inventory allocation and markdown pricing at many stores.
  • Funded by NSF, PI: Zhi-Long Chen, DMI-0421637, "Collaborative Research: Supply Chain Scheduling". Investigates coordination issues in the scheduling level in a supply chain. Jointly with Nicholas Hall of Ohio State University.