Courses Taught

  • HONR 229Q Making Decisions in an Uncertain World
  • BMGT 231 Statistical Models for Business
  • BMGT 332 Operations Research for Management Decisions
  • BMGT 435 Introduction to Applied Probability Models
  • BMGT 671 Supply Chain Logistics and Operations Management (MBA Core Course Coordinator 1999-2005)
  • BMGT 734 Models for Operations Management
  • BMGT 772 Logistics Management (Executive MBA)
  • BMGT 798B Computational Finance
  • BMGT 798Z Operations Research in Finance
  • BMGT 830 Operations Research: Linear Programming
  • BMGT 834 Operations Research: Probabilistic Models
  • BMGT 835 Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems

PhD students current: Peng Wan, Yi Zhou 

PhD students graduated

  1. Sridhar Bashyam, retired (last position at Frito Lay).
  2. Angel Díaz, retired (last position on faculty at Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain).
  3. Jae-sin Yoo (co-advisor Arjang Assad).
  4. Kefeng Xu (co-advisor Phil Evers), currently on faculty at University of Texas–San Antonio.
  5. Tong Wang (co-advisor Dilip Madan), currently at the World Bank.
  6. Yi Su (co-advisor Dilip Madan).
  7. Rongwen Wu (co-advisor Dilip Madan), currently senior director at Capital One (previously Freddie Mac).
  8. Xing Jin (co-advisor Dilip Madan), currently Professor, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (previously faculty member at Warwick Business School and math department at National University of Singapore).
  9. Scott Laprise, currently at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (previously at Apogee Research and BAE Systems).
  10. Ying He (co-advisor Steve Marcus), currently at Fannie Mae (previously NIH, IMF).
  11. Xiaodong Yao (co-advisor Steve Marcus), currently at SAS.
  12. Jian Chen, currently at MSCI (previously at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac).
  13. Ahmad Ridley (co-advisor Bill Massey), currently at MitreTek.
  14. Xiaoping Xiong, currently at Freddie Mac.
  15. Sun-Hee Kim (co-advisor Dilip Madan).
  16. Jiaqiao Hu (co-advisor Steve Marcus), currently on Applied Mathematics & Statistics faculty at SUNY Stony Brook.
  17. William Howell, previously at BAE Systems.
  18. Huiju Zhang, currently VP at Morgan Stanley (previously Fitch Ratings, Capital One).
  19. Jeff Heath (co-advisor Wolfgang Jank), currently on faculty at Centre College.
  20. Colonel Scott Nestler (co-advisor Dilip Madan), currently on faculty at Notre Dame Mendoza Business School (previously on faculty of U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Naval Postgraduate SchoolU.S. Army War College).
  21. Colonel Andrew Hall, currently on faculty at Marymount University (previously on faculty of U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and served on Pentagon Joint Staff).
  22. Enlu Zhou (co-advisor Steve Marcus), currently on faculty at Georgia Tech (previously University of Illinois).
  23. Matthew Reindorp (previously faculty member at Technical University of Eindhoven).
  24. Lingyan Cao (co-advisor Dilip Madan), currently at Fannie Mae (previously IMF).
  25. Yongqiang Wang (co-advisor Steve Marcus), currently at Campbell and Company.
  26. Huashuai Qu (co-advisor Ilya Ryzhov), currently at Netflix (previously Google).
  27. Marie Chau, currently at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (previously Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research at Virginia Commonwealth University). 
  28. Cheng Jie, currently at Walmart Labs.
  29. Guowei Sun, currently at Facebook.
  30. Yunchuan Li, currently at Facebook.

Postdoctoral Fellows supervised (all jointly with Steve Marcus)

MS students (w/thesis) graduated

  1. Murali Narayanaswamy (MSSE, co-advisor Jeffrey Herrmann).
  2. Praveen Mellacheruvu (MSSE, co-advisor Jeffrey Herrmann).
  3. Vera Osidach (MSSE), 2003.
  4. Mauricio Manterola (ECE), 2011.
  5. Aurora Bristor (AMSC, co-advisor Sean Barnes), 2013.
  6. Narryn Fisher (AMSC), 2014.
  7. Jonathan Lin (MSSE), 2017.
  8. Arturo Davila-Andino (MSSE), 2018.
  9. Aditya Shinde (MSSE), 2018. 

Visiting Scholars hosted

  • Yijie Peng, 2012-2013, 2015-2016 (Fudan University), currently on faculty at Peking University.
  • Guangxin Jiang, 2013-2014 (Tongji University), currently on faculty at Harbin Institute of Technology (previously on faculty at Shanghai University, postdoctoral fellow at City University of Hong Kong).
  • Lei Lei, 2016-2017 (Fudan University).
  • Jennifer Guozhen Li, 2017 (Nankai University), currently on faculty at Hunan University.
  • Chunyue Song (Zhejiang University).