Working Papers

"Wolf Pack Activism," (with Alon Brav and Amil Dasgupta) SSRN Page

"The Limits of Reputation," (with Naveen Khanna)


“Strategic Alliances, Equity Stakes, and Entry Deterrence,” 2006, Journal of Financial Economics 80, 35-79.

“Optimal Equity Stakes and Corporate Control,” 2007, Review of Financial Studies 20, 1059-1086. Awarded best paper in Corporate Finance at the 2004 Southern Finance Association meetings

“Market Structure, Internal Capital Markets, and the Boundaries of the Firm” (with David Robinson), 2008, Journal of Finance 63, 2703-2736. 

“Empty Voting and the Efficiency of Corporate Governance” (with Alon Brav), 2011, Journal of Financial Economics 99: 289-307.

“Can Herding Improve Investment Decisions?” (with Naveen Khanna), 2011, RAND Journal of Economics 42: 150-174.

“Doing Battle with Short Sellers:  The Conflicted Role of Blockholders in Bear Raids” (with Naveen Khanna), 2012, Journal of Financial Economics 106: 229-246.  Lead article.

“Capital Structure, Product Market Dynamics, and the Boundaries of the Firm” (with Dirk Hackbarth and David Robinson), 2014, Management Science 60: 2971-2993.

"Posturing and Hold Up in Innovation" (with Naveen Khanna), 2016, Review of Financial Studies 29: 2419-2454.