Ph.D. Students

PhD Students

  1. Marco Vriens (with D.R. Wittink), 5 October 1995, Groningen, NL, Assistant Professor University of Tilburg.
  2. Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, 29 September 1996, Groningen, NL: Cum Laude, Assistant Professor University of Tilburg.
  3. Edward Rosbergen (with F.G.M. Pieters), 26 February 1998, Groningen, NL.  Project Manager, MuConsult, Hilversum.
  4. Rinus E. Haaijer, 6 may 1999, Groningen, NL. Project Manager, MuConsult, Hilversum.
  5. Frenkel Ter Hofstede (with J.B.E.M. Steenkamp), 9 June 1999, Wageningen, NL: Cum Laude, Assistant Professor, Carnegy Mellon University.
  6. Zsolt Sándor (with T.J. Wansbeek and P. Kooreman; Economics), 22 November 2001, Groningen, NL, Assistant Professor, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
  7. Josephine L.C.M. Woltman Elpers (with F.G.M. Pieters), 18 December 2003, Groningen. NL, Consultant, McKinsey, Dusseldorf, Germany.
  8. Liane Voerman (with P.S. Zwart), January 5, 2004 Groningen, NL, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen.
  9. Peter Ebbes (with A.G.M. Steerneman and U. Böckenholt, Economics), December, 23 2004, Groningen, NL, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University.
  10. Jaap Boter, (with R. Frambach), December 12, 2005, Amsterdam, NL. Assistant Professor, Free University of Amsterdam.
  11. Feray Adiguzel (with J. Zhang), June 19, 2006, Groningen, NL. Assistant Professor, Free University of Amsterdam.
  12. Ralf van der Lans (with F.G.M. Pieters), June 16, 2006, Tilburg, NL: Cum Laude. Assistant Professor, Erasmus University of Rotterdam.
  13. Yuanping Ying (with F. Feinberg and J. Zhang), June 27, 2006, Ann Arbor, MI. Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.
  14. Tuck Siong Chung (with R. Rust), July 15 2007, College ParkMD.Assistant Professor Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  15. Thales Teixeira (with A. Aribarg), May 15 2009, Ann Arbor, Assistant Professor, Harvard University.
  16. Stanislav Stakhovych (with T.H.A. Bijmolt), June 13, 2010, Groningen. Assistant professor, Monash University.
  17. Wei (Savannah) Shi (with J. Zhang), College Park, July 26, 2011, Assistant professor, Santa Clara University.
  18. Jin (Connie) Yan (with Paul Smith, Mathematics), College Park, April 11, 2013. Statistician, Fannie Mae.
  19. Chen Dong (Mathematics), College Park, July 22, 2014. Data Scientist, Adobe.
  20. Xuan (Alex) Liu (Mathematics), College Park, December 12, 2014. Senior Data Scientist, Netflix.
  21. Seoungwoo Lee (with J. Zhang), College Park, April 5, 2017. Assistant professor, Tulane University.